Winter Olympics inspired people to start working out

10:16 AM, Mar 4, 2010   |    comments
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NBC -- Weekend warriors across the country were motivated by the incredible athletes we watching during the winter Olympics.

And many of those fitness-minded casual fans are more motivated than ever to hit the gym.

Trainers at a fitness center in Dallas took advantage dreamed up creative classes to energize clients.

"Whether it might be a downhill challenge or a mogul challenge, or something like that, where we do a lot of side lunges. A workout to kind of help spark some of the interest," says trainer Travis Desisso.

Trainers say there is definitely a "fitness effect" associated with the Olympics, which often leads people to try new sports or new fitness regimes.

"A big part is that everyone has a piece of them that they want to win. Competition always brings that out in anybody. So when you cheer a team on like USA, it just brings out that inner competition inside of you that makes you look at yourself and 'What else can I do to better myself?' "

Some people, especially kids, may be inspired to start ice skating lessons or to schedule a ski trip.

"It was definitely motivational to make me want to get in the gym, and get ready for our ski trip coming up on Spring Break so I would not fall down the mountain all the way and be so sore," says club member Karen McClark.

Others may simply decide to work out more.

"For my friends at school seeing these athletes do these amazing things I know motivated them. And they're like, 'Hey do you want to go to the gym?' So it made a big difference with people I think," says student Amir Rowghani.

"It almost makes me feel lazy. So yeah it's very motivational to see all of their hard work come into play," adds club member Cameron Allison.



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